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Omnia Series

Experimentation and research is our Philosophy! The new “Omnia Series” is the result of a continuous evolution development. The “Omnia Series” has unique sound peculiarities. Made in B20 Cast Bronze through our patent Rotocasting® System, these cymbals, in spite of a more traditional look, deliver a modern and contemporary sound. Extremely versatile, Omnia is the
right choice for a wide range of music styles, from Rock to Pop, from Fusion to Rhythm and Blues; ideally suited for both live and studio applications.
The Crashes have great attack with a perfectly controlled sustain; the Rides are extremely musical, versatile, with a great stick definition; while the Hi Hats are dry, very dynamic with good projection.

FX Collection

Designed in close cooperation with Adriano Molinari (Zucchero), one of our main endorsers, the Vibra move from the concept of the Blast Crash, evolving into a more contemporary and unique sound. The special hammering process applied to the Vibra is based on the traditional UFIP hand manufacturing method, but with a more intense labour process, to create that special UFIP Vibra tone. This hammering procedure, together with a unique appearance, confers to the Vibra an incredible sound. The crashes are explosive, with great attack and medium decay. The Rides are controlled with a good stick definition, while the Hi Hats are powerful, dynamic and designed to meet any music style.

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